War of the Gods

The Goblin Lair-Aftermath

The heroes returned to Hillfort, where Remus rewarded their efforts and invited them to dinner. Over the meal, Remus confessed that he’s convinced there is a traitor in Hillfort, presumably someone on his staff; a soldier or servant. He also revealed that there has been a theft at the Temple of Pelor. Remus didn’t know what was taken, but he suggested the party speak with Sun Priest Devahn.

Tiryth has also confided in the heroes. She agrees that someone has betrayed the town of Hillfort. However, Tiryth suspects the Governor. She has shown the heroes the Governor’s secret bolt-hole, leading to his boat in the event the manor is ever taken. Who knows what other secret passageways the manor contains?

The Goblin Liar-Grobitz

The heroes negotiated their way across a chasm by swinging from a series of chains and came into the main chamber of the goblin lair. Grobitz, the goblin leader, offered to let the party leave alive if they turned over their valuables. Brigitte, speaking goblin, hurled a few threats at Grobitz, and the fight was on. Sark went up against the guards at the door and the others moved forward towards Grobitz and his bodyguards.

Basajuan was temporarily disable by a blinded hex, and Juliand was knocked unconscious by one of Grobitz’s guards. Things looked bleak, but Sark was able to defeat the door guards and revive Juliand. Basajuan was finally able to throw off the blinding hex and strode into the fray, turning the tide of the battle back in favor of the heroes. After slaying Grobitz and his guards, the heroes returned to Hillfort to collect their reward.

The Goblin Lair-The Taskmaster

Proceeding away from the barracks, the heroes came upon a locked door. Juliand was able to pick the lock, and he and Basajuan snuck through the door into a prison. An enormous goblin armed with a club and a whip was beating a human prisoner against the wall. Basajuan and Juliand were able to catch the Taskmaster completely offguard. Emboldened by their success, Brigitte and Sark joined the fray. The four heroes destroyed the Taskmaster, and were able to free 6 prisoners. The party walked the prisoners to the lair entrance, where Coren, Perseque and Umsh escorted the prisoners back to Hillfort.

The Goblin Lair-Continuing

After defeating the goblins, the party heard footsteps on the stairs, and were joined by Sark, a half-orc paladin of Bahamut. Perseque and Coren returned to the entrance to check on Umsh and guard the door, while the others pressed on into a long hallway, lit by green-tinted glowing runes along the walls. Basajuan detected a pressure plate in front of the far door, so the party dropped a goblin corpse on the plate. Unfortunately, they triggered a poisonous gas, which flooded the hallway. Forced to act quickly, the party uncovered a secret passage and fled the deadly gas. The secret door led to a crate containing some gold, a small ruby and a pair of Gauntlets of Ogre Power, which Brigitte opted to keep. With no other way out, the party raced back into the hallway, now flooded with poison, and broke down the door at the far end of the hallway. The deadly trap averted, the heroes continued on their way and discovered the goblin barracks. Acting quickly, the party charged the goblins and destroyed the nasty creatures.

The Goblin Lair-Downstairs

Basajuan crept downstairs and spied three goblins around a table engrossed in a game of dice. Basajuan hissed a warning to the rest of the party, and he charged the goblins single-handedly. Basajuan leapt onto the table and hacked away at the foul creatures with his twin scimitars.

As the rest of the party entered the fray, trapdoors opened in the ceiling and a retinue of goblins slid down ropes to attack the party from behind.

Coren and Brigitte engaged the newcomers, while Perseque cleaned up the goblins by the table with a powerful prayer to Ioun. With the threat from one side eliminated, Basajuan and Juliand joined Coren and Brigitte to battle the remaining goblins. Aided by Perseque’s healing prayers, the party won the day, and were rewarded with a healing potion and some silver that had been hidden in a barrel in the corner of the room.

The Goblin Lair-Antechamber

Led by their captive, Umsh, the party reached the goblin lair and found the hidden entrance without incident. Basajuan and Juliand led the way into the lair.

Basajuan was creeping through the antechamber when he stepped upon a pressure plate and released a large blade from the ceiling. He suffered only minor injuries, but the goblins hiding in the chamber beyond were alerted to his presence.

The party charged ahead and killed all the goblins. After a short rest, they proceeded downstairs to the next room.

Assault on the Caravan

The caravan, guarded by the party members, had drawn close to Hillfort. Suddenly, crossbow bolts whizzed through the air, thudding into the side of lead wagon. Five goblins emerged from the White Oak Forest, but the party intercepted and made short work of them. At the urgin of Basajuan, the ranger, the party captured one of the goblins, Umsh, and convinced him to lead them to the goblin lair.

The party continued on to Hillfort, where they received payment for their service and were offered even further payment to clean out the goblin lair and rescue any human prisoners they find.

After a night of relaxing in the Persimmon Inn, the party, along with Umsh, set out for the goblin lair.

The Goblin Raids

It is late autumn. The leaves have changed from vibrant green to muted shades of orange and brown. The weather has begun to cool, and the workers in the fields hurry to reap the last of the harvest before winter settles in. In what was once, long ago, the Eastern Empire, the caravans bustle along the various trade routes, exchanging grains and foodstuffs, along with crafts and manufactured goods, at various settlements. You have hired on as a guard for a caravan from Willow’s End, heading southeast along the River Road to Hillfort. The caravan is loaded primarily with wheat, corn and potatoes, which will be exchanged for the rice which grows thick in the paddies along the Great River by Hillfort. Lately, caravans bound for Hillfort have been plagued by goblin raids, always within 5 to 7 miles of Hillfort and always along River Road. The regent of Hillfort, Governor Remus, has put out a call for mercenaries and adventurers to protect the convoys, as his militia is small in numbers, and many brave men have already fallen in the attacks. Governor Remus will pay 20 gold pieces to each guard who delivers a caravan safely to Hillfort, a rather fine wage for what mainly amounts to a 3 day journey. Dusk has settled over the land; the setting sun bathes the road in purple and orange hues. You have drawn within a few miles of Hillfort and are looking forward to collecting your wage and relaxing in the Persimmon Inn.

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