Goblin captive currently working with the party


Umsh Lv2 Sharpshooter Goblin HP: 31 Bloodied: 15 Initiative +5 Perception +2 Low-light vision Speed: 6 AC: 16 Fortitude: 12 Reflex: 14 Will: 11 Str: 14 (+3) Dex: 18 (+5) Wis: 13 (+2) Con: 13 (+2) Int: 8 (+0) Cha: 8 (+0)

Sniper: When Umsh makes a ranged attack from hiding and misses, he is still considered to be hidden.

Goblin Tactics: When missed by a melee attack, Umsh can shift one square as an immediate reaction.

Experience: Umsh gains experience at ½ the rate at which the party gains experience.


Umsh was a member of the goblin raiding party that was defeated by the heroes in an assault on the caravan to Hillfort. He was captured and provided some valuable information enabling the heroes to locate and clear out the goblin lair. Since then, Coren has taken Umsh under his wing. It is possible that the goblin could become an invaluable ally…


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