Commander Tiryth

A traitor and servant of the minotaur, Lord Delruun


Commander Tiryth has vocally disagreed with Governor Remus’s decision to hire mercenaries to defend the caravans from Willow’s End. Although several militia-men and soldiers have fallen to the goblin raiders in recent weeks, Tiryth is confident that Hillfort can handle its problems without outside interference. Although she is not happy with the current situation, Tiryth will obey the Governor.

Tiryth wears battle-worn, yet brightly polished and obviously well cared-for chain mail. She also wears a vibrant green cape over her left shoulder, which perfectly matches the color of her eyes. Her chestnut brown hair is drawn back, revealing a several-years old scar running along her right cheek from her ear to her chin. Tiryth carries a longsword sheathed on her left hip and has a sheathed dagger strapped to her calf.

When bored or anxious, Tiryth has a tendency to draw her dagger and set it spinning, passing it from one hand to the other with remarkable dexterity.

Tiryth approached the heroes clandestinely and suggested that Remus himself may be the traitor. She has urged the heroes to investigate the manor and the governor.

Tiryth has been exposed as the traitor in Hillfort. She was planning on kiling the heroes and heading north to join Lord Delruun’s army as it prepares for war in the coming spring. In exchange for her life, Tiryth agrees to report that the heroes have been slain.

Commander Tiryth

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