Governor Remus

Governor of Hillfort. Remus has sent couriers to the eastern towns and called for a meeting in Bastion to discuss the minotaur threat.


Remus has been Governor of Hillfort for the past 6 years. In the past few weeks, trade caravans coming to Hillfort from Willow’s End have been attacked by goblin raiders. The militia of Hillfort has suffered several losses and it is not a large force at any rate. Remus has offered 20 gold pieces to any adventurer or mercenary who escorts a caravan safely to Hillfort.

Remus is bald, but has grown a thin goatee under his lip, possibly as a response to his hair loss. Remus has sharp features and brown eyes that glean with intelligence. Remus is civilized and generous, possessed of a strong sense of justice and a friendly, trusting nature.

Remus wears a red robe and a medallion of Pelor on a silver chain. He wears a silver circlet, his symbol of office, whenever he is in the public eye.

Now that the heroes have proven themselves by defeating Grobitz and the goblin raiders, Remus has shared his suspicions that there is a traitor among his staff. He has asked the heroes to perform a discreet investigation and report back to him with their findings.

Aware of the danger the world will face if this Lord Delruun is able to attack without warning, Remus sent couriers to the other cities and towns of the east. He urged them to send their leaders to Bastion for an emergency meeting, where they will try to put together a defense against the threat of Delruun.

Governor Remus

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