• Armeth and Varelsa Shardent

    Armeth and Varelsa Shardent

    The dwarven couple who own the River Post store in Hillfort.
  • Commander Tiryth

    Commander Tiryth

    A traitor and servant of the minotaur, Lord Delruun
  • Darfar Oakspur

    Darfar Oakspur

    Archwizard in the service of Lord Delruun. Point of contact via crystal ball for Delruun's agents.
  • Dugan Stonewarden

    Dugan Stonewarden

    Chief of the Miner's Union in Willow's End. Brother of Duncan Stonewarden
  • Duncan Stonewarden

    Duncan Stonewarden

    Chief of the Town Council of Willow's End
  • Evard the Enlightened

    Evard the Enlightened

    Wizard who lived 200 years ago and revered knowledge
  • Gemen Durendall

    Gemen Durendall

    Owner/operator of the Persimmon Inn in Hillfort
  • Governor Remus

    Governor Remus

    Governor of Hillfort. Remus has sent couriers to the eastern towns and called for a meeting in Bastion to discuss the minotaur threat.
  • Lord Delruun

    Lord Delruun

    Minotaur King; planning to overthrow the continent of Farence.
  • Sun Priest Devahn

    Sun Priest Devahn

    The recently appointed holy leader of the Temple of Pelor at Hillfort
  • Tea'Una


    Witch of the White Oak Forest
  • Umsh


    Goblin captive currently working with the party