War of the Gods


The heroes secured the doors in the temple antechamber and proceeded into the main chamber. The room had a ditch running through the middle and a raised platform opposite the entrance. The Undying Jade sat on an altar at the top of the platform.

Of course, between the heroes and the Jade were a retinue of skeletal soldiers and a decrepit corpse who refered to himself as Zoltan, servant of the Blood Prince. Zoltan told the heroes that he was possessing the body of Evard the Enlightened, but the body has wasted away over time. He offered the heroes the chance to leave in peace, if they will leave one of their party behind to sacrifice their body to Zoltan.

Of course, the heroes disagreed and Zoltan’s undead army attacked them. The heroes managed to thin the ranks of soldiers and Zoltan was forced to enter the fray. Brigitte was ready; she flung the undead mage into the pit and leapt upon him, landing a vicious blow.

The battle was long, but the heroes won the day and now seek to destroy the Undying Jade, to end its corrupting influence.



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