War of the Gods

The Goblin Lair-Downstairs

Basajuan crept downstairs and spied three goblins around a table engrossed in a game of dice. Basajuan hissed a warning to the rest of the party, and he charged the goblins single-handedly. Basajuan leapt onto the table and hacked away at the foul creatures with his twin scimitars.

As the rest of the party entered the fray, trapdoors opened in the ceiling and a retinue of goblins slid down ropes to attack the party from behind.

Coren and Brigitte engaged the newcomers, while Perseque cleaned up the goblins by the table with a powerful prayer to Ioun. With the threat from one side eliminated, Basajuan and Juliand joined Coren and Brigitte to battle the remaining goblins. Aided by Perseque’s healing prayers, the party won the day, and were rewarded with a healing potion and some silver that had been hidden in a barrel in the corner of the room.


Coren wonders ” How did these goblins drop through the ceiling anyway, didn’t we clear the floor above”

The Goblin Lair-Downstairs

Brigitte comments, “They’re probably wretched little ceiling goblins. The kind that scurry around at night, keeping you awake while you are trying to sleep.”

The Goblin Lair-Downstairs

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