War of the Gods

Researching the Jade

After the evil Zoltan had been defeated, the heroes spent some time trying to figure out a way to destroy the Undying Jade. Their attempts to touch the gem had disastrous effects, but Basajuan was able to slide a bag over the gem without placing his hands on the Jade. The heroes secured the Undying Jade in their Bag of Holding and proceeded to explore the temple. Thanks to Juliand’s thorough search and Coren’s communication with the Raven Queen, the heroes found a secret door leading to Evard the Enlightened’s secret library.

In the library, the heroes discovered the origins of the Undying Jade, and learned that it could be destroyed only by the Bloodvein Hammer, rumored to be in the possession of a tribe of orcs in the Flat Top Mountains.

The heroes also learned about the Champion of Light, Halthor Hanson, who defeated the armies of the evil gods 1,000 years ago. The Champion was given sacred artifacts by the gods of light. Kord granted the Champion a set of Adamantine Gauntlets, which was entrusted to the Southern Empire after the War of the Gods. Bahamut granted the Champion a helm, the Draconic Visage, which was entrusted to the Northern Empire. Pelor granted the Champion a staff, the Staff of Glorious Radiance, which was entrusted to the Eastern Empire. The Sacred Book of Ioun contained the knowledge necessary to properly wield the power of the artifacts. The Book had been entrusted to the Western Empire, but the heroes discovered the book in Evard’s Library.

On the way out of the temple, the heroes found a small crystal ball just like the ones Tea’Una the Witch and Tiryth had possessed. After much debate, the heores decided not to try to use the orb. They tucked it into the Bag of Holding for safe keeping.



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