War of the Gods

Rescuing Dugan

The heroes faced off against a group of zombies led by a giant mutant abomination holding a glowing bastard sword. The heroes fought bravely and overwhelmed the giant zombie. However, as they turned to face a few other zombies closing from behind, the abomination reanimated and strode back into the fray.

The heroes defeated the abomination…again. This time, Brigitte decided to take no chances. She drove her sword through the creature’s chest, and took the abomination’s enchanted bastard sword for herself.

With another victory under their belts, the heroes left the mine and reunited Dugan with his brother. The heroes were rewarded with a Frost Rapier.

Azul spent some time doing research on the gem troubling the mine. He determined that the gem in question is the Undying Jade, an artifact created a thousand years ago to bolster the ranks of the evil gods with an undead army.



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