War of the Gods

Meeting Rianna

The heroes met up with a few like-minded adventurers and set out to determine the cause of the sickness that originated in the mine. As the heroes set off through the city, they came across Rianna, a young woman screaming about a dark man with red eyes and a flaming sword who appears before her every night and tries to kill her. Questioning the locals, the heroes learned that Rianna has been screaming about the dark man for seven years, ever since her mother died.

Basajuan tried to speak with Rianna about the dark man, and learned that he appears before Rianna in her dreams. Rianna also claims the dark man murdered her mother, despite the lack of wounds on her mother’s corpse. Unfortunately for Basajuan, Rianna crazed statement were not very helpful, and the heroes decided to head into the Willow’s End Mine.



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