War of the Gods

Into the Mountains

The heroes started up the pass into the Flat Top Mountains. While winding their way through the narrow pass, they came upon a patrol of orcs from the Greenrock tribe. The heroes lured some of the orcs into combat, but the other orcs fled to raise an alarm. the heroes gave chase and managed to catch up to all but one of the orcs, though Juliand took a rather embarrassing tumble along the way.

Now that their presence had been detected, the heroes were unsurprised when they came across another group of orcs in a clearing. The head of the group introduced himself as Captain Worgfang, and explained that anyone trespassing in Greenrock territory was to be taken before Doxth, the tribe leader. The heroes agreed to speak with Doxth, as they were hoping to discover the location of the Bloodvein Hammer. Worgfang led the heroes to a shaded clearing where four pillars surrounded a still pool of water. Across the pool was the entryway into a large cave, presumably the home of Doxth.



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