War of the Gods

Evard's Temple

Dugan Stonewarden has explained to the heroes that he located a secret temple in the mine, and asked them to retreive his enchanted plate armor. The heroes re-entered the mine after a night’s rest and found the hidden temple.

Azul recognized the markings on the temple doors as belonging to the god, Ioun. He realized that the temple was a long lost trove of knowledge belonging to Evard the Enlightened, a wizard and follower of Ioun who lived almost 200 years ago.

The heroes breached the temple and came upon a trio of dwarven skeletons in plate armor being picked over by flesh-eating bugs. Lured by the possibility of fresh meat, the bugs came after the heroes. As the group moved to engage the bugs, the skeletons reanimated and attacked as well.

After dispatching the creatures, the heroes discovered that one of the dwarven skeletons wore Dugan’s Screaming Plate Armor, a suit of armor adorned with intricate engravings of screaming faces.



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