War of the Gods

Dugan Stonewarden

The heroes moved through a winding passage, trying to locate the person who had called for aid. As they proceeded, they heard an odd rumbling ahead, and were dismayed to find a large boulder rolling down the corridor towards them. Brigitte and Kaylana were hit by the boulder, which rolled right over them. The rest of the party managed to keep ahead of the boulder, but soon found that the rock had blocked them from proceeding towards the increasingly desperate cries for aid.

Adding to the indignity of being run down by a boulder, the two women had to retrace their steps and move the boulder out of the way so the rest of the party could join them.

At the end of the passageway, the heroes found a dwarf being tormented by a pair of wraiths. The party immediately attacked the wraiths, but eventually realized their attacks were having no effect. The party realized that the wraiths were only an illusion, and at that point the spectral figures disappeared.

the terrorized dwarf introduced himself as Dugan Stonewarden, head of the Miner’s Union and brother of Council Chief Duncan. Dugan told the party he and his men had discovered a long hidden temple at the end of one of the mine’s side passages, but they had been waylaid by undead and Dugan was knocked unconscious. Dugan asked the heroe’s to explore the temple and recover his enchanted armor, which is engraved with holy symbols of Moradin.

The heroes needed a rest, so they decided to escort Dugan out of the mine, and then re-enter to explore the hidden temple. However, as the heroes approached the exit, they found their way blocked by yet another group of zombies…



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