War of the Gods

A Duel

The heroes set off to the west in search of the Broken Fang orcs. After awhile, they came across a small group of orcs wearing the insignia of the Broken Fangs. Basajuan demanded to see the tribe’s leader, but a tough-talking orc challenged the ranger to a duel, rather than give in to his demands. Basajuan accepted, and he was taking the tough-talker to task when one of his friends intervened with a throwing axe.

With the treachery having been committed, the rest of the orcs and heroes charged into the fray. It was then that the heroes noticed some of the orcs had eyes than gleamed with purple fire. When the orcs attacked, the fire seemed to leap from their eyes onto the blades of their weapons.

The heroes were looking to make short work of the Broken Fangs, but one of the orcs sounded a horn and the orc forces were bolstered by a quartet of warriors mounted on dire boars. After a vicous battle in which Juliand and Brigitte prevented the boar-riders from breaking through to the back ranks, the heroes managed to kill the orcs, at which point the boars became docile. Basajuan used his knowledge of nature to gain dominance over one of the boars, and presented the animal to Umsh. The goblin and the boar seemed to become fast friends.

At that point, Coren came up with a plan. He had to reveal his true identity as a changling to the rest of the group, which he did by morphing into an orc. He asked Basajuan to tame a boar for him, and revealed his plan of transporting the group as prisoners to the leader of the Broken Fangs.



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